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Stop chaotically coordinating with a property maintenance company, fertilization provider and yet another contractor for your projects. Instead, turn to our full-service landscaping team for cohesion that’s on time and on budget.

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Lawn Fertilizer

Turf, Trees, Ticks— you name it! Trust our Green Sphere fertilization experts to mix sustainable, environmentally-safe solutions that keep both your property and wallet green and happy.

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Tick and Mosquito
Control Services

Don't let the threat of ticks, mosquitoes or chemical insecticides keep you from enjoying the outdoors. Take your yard back with our Green Sphere custom organic fertilization treatment plans. Get full protection from ticks and mosquitoes, all season long, without the risk.

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Meet Your Property Care Heroes!

Swazy and Alexander Property Care TeamThink of us as your property’s knights in shining armor— just in uniforms instead. We’ll go above and beyond to save the day with our unmatched quality and care. Hire a professional— you’ll be glad you did.


What Makes Us Different