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A group becomes a team when each member is sure enough of himself... to praise the skills of others


Work is as important as the pleasure we get from doing it. A Company's culture can't be mandated it appears spontaneously when people who love creating, learning and growing get together, forming a team with ties that transcend the workplace.


Fresh talent needed. If you have the passion, the curiosity and the desire to accomplish great things, we want to meet you.

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  • ChrisCareerPage.jpg

    Chris is Swazy's fearless leader. Hailing from a line of Contractors, it is in Chris' blood. There is a reason he is smiling like this in this photo. He loves what he does and even brought his lovely wife aboard this year as our HR guru to complete the package. When Chris isn't at Swazy he is off crisscrossing the country Griswold style with his 2 sons and aforementioned lovely wife. This current day VonTrapp family sure loves the outdoors. And finally, when Chris isn't in either of those places you can most likely find him stealing away for a bit of mountain biking or out back by the dumpsters making sure no one is crazy enough to not be recycling!! Seriously, you do not want to be the one who gets caught throwing cardboard in the wrong bin.

    Chris Imlach


    Bachelor of Arts / MCLP / PLANET
  • derek batman.jpeg

    Derek keeps Swazy running like a well-oiled machine! It is no surprise when you learn he is a 13 year Army/National Guard veteran and mixed martial arts enthusiast. Our 'take no prisoners' Operations & Property Care Division Manager leads by example and it isn't uncommon to find him at 3:30 am shoveling snow right alongside the rest of the crew. He may give off a tough guy exterior, a bit 'Batmanesque' if you will,  but don't let that fool you. Underneath that caped crusader costume, he is really a big kid. Just ask his beautiful wife Thora and their kids, Shane, Liam & their little boy Lucas!

    Derek Conrad


    USARNG / OSHA 10 / Project Management Certification / Master of Science
  • Dr Shawn2.jpg

    Shawn is our Lawn and Plant Health Care Doctor. Ok, he isn't really a doctor he just likes to play one on Halloween. He may not be an MD but in real life, Shawn is an EMT, The Deputy Director for Emergency Management in Amesbury and the best Little League Manager anyone could ask for. Just ask his sons

    In his spare time, what little there is, Shawn is an avid outdoorsman and a huge New England sports fan.

    Shawn's Current Goals: complete the Boston Marathon and learn to knit!

    Shawn Roberts

    Fertilization Division Manager, Green Sphere Organic Lawn Care

    AAS / Bachelor of Horticultural Science & Agronomy / Mass. Cert. Pesticide Applicator
  • Adam.jpg

    Adam hails from the great State of Maine. We like to keep our Maine Employee Quota going strong, something about those Mainers we just can't pinpoint but we like it.  While Adam isn't keeping track of all that is going on in our Construction Division he generally likes to relax... And by relaxing we mean he likes to get married, buy his first home and welcome his first child all within the past year. What can we say the guy is clearly an underachiever.

    Adam Croteau

    Construction Division Manager

  • 17807483_10154672051139472_8902070656404981658_o.jpg

    Patty joined the team in 2013. Because she harnesses both field and office operations super powers she is regarded as our “Swiss Army Knife” and wears many hats.

    Patty has lived out west, worked as an actual "Cowgirl", married an actual "Cowboy" and is, therefore, the perfect person to wrangle the crew into organizational shape when needed.

    When not wrangling this team together she keeps her 4 legged friends in shape and is inevitably found renovating some part of her home! 

    Patty Bowen

    Office Human

  • Joe.jpg

    Joe, an established Stone Mason, joined us this Summer. Prior to joining our team Joe ran his own landscape design build company. Joe has hit the ground running here at Swazy. You can imagine, between supervising construction sites and spending time with his family, including his new baby girl he doesn't have time for much else...

    However, when he does he is either rocking out on the drums, enjoying motorcycles or contemplating trimming his beard. 

    Joe Spaulding

    Construction Site Supervisor

  • paulstaffphoto2.jpg

    Paul is our longest tenured employee and with his unwavering work ethic and high level of workmanship he truly sets the tone for success with all of our crew members. He hails from the magical island gem, Jamaica and yes we do all try to invite ourselves to visit his homeland whenever it is mentioned! Paul is a great example of where a career in Landscaping can take you if you have the right stuff. He began his career here as a construction laborer and has worked (and we do mean worked) his way to a Division Supervisor. On a completely different note… we hear he is quite the Domino’s Shark!

    Paul Morrison

    Property Care Site Supervisor


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