The Benefits of Aerating, Overseeding, & Topdressing

If you’re not satisfied with the way your lawn looks, or you have trouble with patches of your turf that seem dry or overtaken by troublesome weeds, Green Sphere has a simple solution for you. We’ve been able to hone the process by which we prepare lawns in the Newburyport area, creating a definitive 4-step program to give you the lawn you’ve always dreamed of. Believe it or not, the path to a healthier, greener, more lush lawn actually begins this fall as the temperatures slowly start to come down. How you prepare your lawn for the winter months can have a dramatic effect on how it performs next season, and we believe the difference will amaze you. Here’s a more in-depth look at the 4 steps Green Sphere takes to give you a greener lawn:


Throughout the normal course of the year, your soil becomes compacted from foot traffic, your lawnmower, snowfall, and normal rain and irrigation. As a result, over time your lawn loses its ability to absorb nutrients properly. When we aerate your lawn, we perforate the soil, creating several small holes through which nutrients and water can finally reach your root system adequately. This process allows the roots of your turf to spread and strengthen, while simultaneously reducing thatch that robs your yard of nutrients and water.


It’s common to find areas of your turf with bare patches or noticeable thinning. Patchy lawns tend to look dull and can be more susceptible to insects, weed growth, and grass diseases. After aeration, we spread high-quality seed in the holes that have been created so that new grass can fill in quickly. This reduces the available real estate for weeds to grow and helps to prevent grass disease and insect damage.


You may not realize it, but your lawn is alive with microorganisms that need organic matter to thrive and feed your turf — and that’s where composting comes in. The organic matter that is naturally found in composts feeds your soil’s friendly fungi and bacteria, which in turn helps to maintain a lush, healthy lawn. An added benefit to using Green Sphere — we use high-quality bagged compost that does not have the pungent odor commonly associated with compost.


To ensure that your new seeds establish in your soil properly, we use a product called Hydretain®. This moisture management product helps your turf roots to maintain the water that they need to flourish, even in times of drought and water restrictions. Studies have shown that Hydretain can reduce your watering requirements by up to 50%, meaning you’ll be spending less time (and money) watering your lawn.

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