Green Sphere Organic Lawn Care 

Swazy & Alexander's Fertilization division is called Green Sphere

Located in Newburyport Green Sphere is a division of Swazy & Alexander Landscaping LLC.GreenSphere.png

Our Mission is to set the standard for environmentally friendly lawn and plant health care on the North Shore while achieving the results our clients deserve.

We provide residences and businesses with environmentally conscious lawn and plant health care solutions that produce enviable results.


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We offer many lawn fertilization programs, both traditional and fully organic. Soil testing is performed to customize your lawn care program for optimal results. We also perform Aeration, Overseed & Compost services to keep your lawn happy and healthy.

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Our Horticulturalists are uniquely qualified to identify and understand all tree and shrub-related aspects of your landscape. They can quickly identify plant-related problems, disease, and pests and offer a variety of solutions. We also staff Arborists who are experts in the discipline of tree care. Our services include seasonal pruning, winter wrapping & anti-desiccant, root zone fertilization and Integrated Pest Management (IPM). We also utilize the Arborjet Tree Injection System for extremely effective and environmentally friendly disease and pest remediation.

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In our area, it's pretty much a guarantee everyone has been affected by a tick borne disease either personally or with a relative or pet.  For years we've been helping people take back their yards and protect them against the 14+ diseases ticks can carry.   

Our Organic Tick Control programs are designed around the tick's life cycle to achieve maximum control.  The organic products we use work and are safe for the environment. We will help you take back your property and create a safe and environmentally friendly oasis for your family and pets.

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