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Landscape Design Services

You Deserve a Picturesque Yard— Design That’s Exceptional

Bring Your Vision to Life

Your beautiful house needs more than a mediocre landscape. It needs a refined arrangement, a healthy facelift to really compliment your investment and serve as an extension of your home.

Just like you, your landscape is unique. It deserves a customized design to showcase your personality with special flair.

Pull up your dream home Pinterest board and share your most coveted features with us. We’ll bring your ideas to life.

Eye for Design, Expert Care

We’re expert craftsmen— far more than your traditional yard-keepers. Our design team at Swazy & Alexander is composed of keen artists, plotting out depictions to capture your landscaping vision.

We care about crafting dynamic spaces. That means involvement every step of the way, from touring the local nursery, to hand-picking your perfect flowers, to lime-lighting your long-loved cherry blossom tree. Our skills are polished and our passion is unmatched.

Here’s how our design process works.

  • Get acquainted.
    We’ll meet right at your home to get a feel for your personal style, while listening to your favorite ideas. If you’d rather us bring some creativity to your property, we can do that too!
  • Discuss budget and create a project overview.
    We will begin to understand your design goals and budget, then develop an initial plan for your space.
  • Plan and design.
    We can design a 3D rendering of your property, taking you on a virtual video tour of your dream landscape. With your feedback, we’ll key into specific areas to refine.
  • Begin installation.
    Whether we’re building a rustic stone wall or planting white daisies, it’s time to watch your ideas come to life.
  • Add the finishing touches.
    Delicate details are what really bring any design together. We’ll finesse our work by adding those last garnishes for that extra wow-factor.
  • Offer continual maintenance.
    Did you forget that we’re full-service landscapers? That means our job doesn’t end after the design. We offer consistent Property Care and Fertilization Services to foster a dynamic and evolving space. 

A True Artistic Portfolio

Designers are artists afterall— and our plans and blueprints are something to brag about.

From poolside gardens to elegantly lit patios, our work shines bright. Flip through our highly personalized compositions and start envisioning your ideal landscape today.

Ready to begin Designing?

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