Landscape Enhancement Services

You Deserve a Picturesque Yard— Lively & Colorful

Small But Special Touches

While some bigger projects need full design and hardscape modifications— such as constructing walkways, adding stone planters, etc.— many properties can benefit from a few smaller scale, but high-return changes.

That’s where we come in. We’ll bring your ideas to life by planting and nurturing your landscape, with small but mighty enhancements.

Property Enhancement with Swazy & Alexander

Your landscape has a tremendous impact on how welcoming your home or business appears and, ultimately, can affect your property value.

Enhance your outdoor aesthetic with some lively flowers and greenery.

Our Residential & Commercial Softscape Services

  • Lawn Installation, Seed or Sodding
  • Tree/Shrub Selection & Planting
  • Annual & Perennial Selection & Planting

Careful Planning & Selection

We’re expert craftsmen— far more than your traditional yard-keepers. Our team at Swazy & Alexander is composed of keen gardeners, plotting out scenes to capture your landscaping vision.

We care about crafting dynamic outdoor escapes, rather meticulously. That means involvement every step of the way, from touring the local nursery and hand-picking your perfect flowers, to lime-lighting your long-loved cherry blossom tree.

Here’s how our process works:

  • Get acquainted. We’ll meet and tour your property to discuss your vision, what you’d like done and how we can help.
  • Discuss budget and details. Knowing your budget is critical as we begin planning, ensuring our vision matches your expectations. We’ll help you choose the right plants and hand-select each, with care.
  • Get our hands dirty! Whether it’s reseeding your lawn, arranging beautiful floral beds or planting a new tree, we’ll get to work enhancing your landscape, quickly.
  • Offer continual maintenance. After all, we are full-service landscapers— and that means our job doesn’t end after the initial enhancement. We offer consistent Property Care and Fertilization Services to keep your space neat and green.

Need Hardscape Help?

While our team at Swazy & Alexander doesn’t specialize in custom stonework, we partner with local designers and hardscape contractors who can install patios, walkways, retaining walls and more.


Ask and we’ll connect you with our trusted builders to complete the job, in tandem.


Have a Larger Project in Mind?

Discuss your ideas with our Property Care & Maintenance Division today! 

PC & Maintenance

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