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To some extent, we are all designers… how we organize our homes, desks, cell phone apps and other aspects of our lives are all functions of design. With a combination of your ideas and our professional knowledge of composure, plants, and materials, we can bring a plan to life in a way that is both pleasing to the eye, functional and durable.

Our team addresses every project with a passion for design and the desire to create well-designed spaces that make a difference.  We believe and take pride in quality craftsmanship, integrity, and our ability to listen to what a client needs.

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Our Process 

We design and build spaces that people want to spend time in.  Our ideas and installations range from low-maintenance landscapes and relaxing water features to outdoor patios and kitchens. 

We will meet and walk the site with you to discuss your needs and wants.  Pinpoint any grading and drainage issues, look at existing features, and the potential for your landscape.  We will then create a scope of services for design outlining the areas as discussed in our meeting.  We will then prepare a concept masterplan with sketches that we will work on with your feedback.  We focus on the big picture and then key into specific areas that you would like to work on.  After we have a concept in place, we will discuss hardscape material options, planting options, ideas for lighting, and then revise into a final plan, in preparation for installation.  If we are working in the shoreland or on Plum Island, we can help you with the permitting process.

We will also tour a local nursery to see first hand the plantings we have suggested.  We will give you options and if you see any plantings you would like incorporated into the design, depending on the species, we will site it in the best suited location.  If it doesn’t work, we will advise you as to why and help you choose the right plant for the right spot.  Afterall your landscape should thrive and you shouldn’t have to be concerned with a tree that grew too big because it was in the wrong space, or a planting that isn’t giving you the privacy that you thought you would achieve.  Let us help you make this investment a successful one!


  • Get Acquainted
  • Budget & Project Overview
  • Planning & Design
  • Installation
  • Finishing Touches
  • Maintenance

We love watching a site transform into a space that our clients can enjoy for years to come.  Schedule your design consultation today!


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